Currently mtoc explorer has images from species scattered through the Eukaryotic tree of life. Each of these images has been annotated by one of our contributors using an ontology created specifically for capturing the morphological diversity in centrosomes, cilia, flagella and other microtubule organizing centers. You can read more about our ontology, the contributors, and how this collection of images is annotated on the about page.

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Taxon/species · Eimeria bovis

Vocabulary ·

  • MTOC
    • Centrosome

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  • Species · Eimeria bovis
  • Reference · Dubremetz JF, Elsner YY, J Protozool 26(3), 1979 · Pubmed
  • Annotation (top levels only)
    • Centrosome
      • Centriole-based
  • Total terms annotated · 10