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Fig 4. Electron micrographs illustrating changesin the blepharoplast that occur from the last spermatogenous cell division to the midstage spermatid. D, Just before midstage,the reorganizing blepharoplast associates with the nucleus(N) and the spline array lengthens. The basal bodies are still congested in the electron-opaque material that will become the amorphous zone.

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  • Species · Ceratopteris richardii
  • Reference · Hoffman, JC Vaughn, KC, International journal of plant sciences 156(3), 1995 (not indexed on Pubmed or CrossRef)
  • Submitted by · Marc Gouw on 07/19/2013.
  • Published by · Marc Gouw on 07/19/2013.

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  • Cilium
    • Basal body
      • Number of basal bodies

      • Position in the cell

        Inside the cell cytoplasm
  • Other structures
    • Blepharoblast


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  • Extra structures · multi-layered structure