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Fig.3 Electron micrograph of an antheridiumin the last spermatogenous cell division. B, Higher-magnification electronmicrograph a mitotic cell with the blepharoplast (b) as the focus of the of mitotic spindle. Smooth endoplasmic reticulum(ser) is found along the microtubules. c = chromosome.

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  • Species · Ceratopteris richardii
  • Reference · Hoffman, JC Vaughn, KC, International journal of plant sciences 156(3), 1995 (not indexed on Pubmed or CrossRef)
  • Submitted by · Marc Gouw on 07/19/2013.
  • Published by · Marc Gouw on 07/19/2013.

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  • Centrosome
    • Other centrosome
      • Number of other MTOCs

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        At the spindle poles
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    • Blepharoblast


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  • Extra structures · multi-layered structure