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Fig. 8. The basal body duplication cycle. Electron microscopy of serial thin sections resolved the order of events in basal body duplication and early stages of new flagellum growth. A–C. Longitudinal sections through a 1K1N cell; the kinetoplast in this cell is associated with one basal body (B, arrow) subtending the single flagellum and one pro-basal body (C, arrowhead).

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  • Species · Leishmania mexicana
  • Reference · ['Wheeler RJ', 'Gluenz E', 'Gull K'], Mol Microbiol 79(3), 2011 · Pubmed · CrossRef
  • Submitted by · Beatriz Ferreira Gomes on 09/15/2011.
  • Published by · Zita Santos on 11/17/2011.

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  • Cilium
    • Motile

    • Immotile

    • Axoneme
      • Number of axonemes

    • Basal body
      • Number of basal bodies

      • Maturation stage

        Mature-pro-basal body
      • Position in the cell

        At the cytoplasmic membrane
      • Associated with

        Other organelles
    • Extra axonemal structures
      • Ciliary pocket

      • Para-flagellar rod


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