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Figure legend

Fig. 2. Transmission electron micrographs of interphase and dividing cells of T. vaginalis. (B) At division a bundle of microtubules or paradesmosis (D) arises between the two separated atractophores (At1 and At2). Scale bars = 1μm.

Figure notes

The associated MTOC is called an atractophore. The microtubule bundle is called the paradesmosis.

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  • Species · Trichomonas vaginalis
  • Reference · Bricheux G, Coffe G, Brugerolle G, Mol Biochem Parasitol 153(2), 2007 · Pubmed · CrossRef
  • Submitted by · Beatriz Ferreira Gomes on 09/13/2011.
  • Published by · Zita Santos on 11/15/2011.

Image annotation

  • Centrosome
    • Other centrosome
      • Number of other MTOCs

      • Shape

      • Position in the cell

        Inside the cell cytoplasm
        At the spindle poles
        Close to nucleus
  • Cilium
    • Basal body
      • Number of basal bodies

      • Position in the cell

        Close to cytoplasmic membrane
        Close to nucleus
      • Associated with

        Another MTOC
  • Other structures
    • Associated Cytoskeletal filaments

      Microtubule bundles

Image extra structures

  • Extra structures · parabasal fiber