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Fig. 8 A—c. Interkinesis. Three successive sections through a pair of flagellar bases and spindle precursor, the latter attached to the nucleus by semiopaque intercalary material as in Fig. 6 but with the distal ends of the flagellar bases beginning to press against the plasmalemma, though the flagella themselves have not yet formed. Micrographs D 1237, D 1234, D 1238, x 30000.

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  • Species · Lithodesmium undulatum
  • Reference · Manton I, Kowallik K, von Stosch HA, J Cell Sci 7(2), 1970 · Pubmed
  • Submitted by · Cris Bowler on 07/08/2010.
  • Published by · Marc Gouw on 07/23/2018.

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  • Cilium
    • Motile

    • Basal body
      • Number of basal bodies

      • Basal body cartwheel

      • Connecting fibers

      • Position relative to each other

      • Maturation stage

      • Position in the cell

        Flexible connection to nucleus
        At the cytoplasmic membrane

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