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FIGURE 5. A 2-um spindle at late metaphase or early anaphase. The spindle pole bodies are bracketed between arrow heads and the kinetochores are marked by arrows. Partner kinetochores of chromosome 7 (c) have hardly separated (230 nm), while partner kinetochores of chromosome 4 are 420 nm apart. The average distance from the spb to the kinetochore is 0.9 um. Of the sections that contained the spindle, only sections 2 (b), 4 (c), 6 (d), 8 (e), and 9 (f) are shown. Fig. 5 c has stain precipitate on it. The diagram in (a) summarizes the positions of the kinetochores and shows a few of the microtubulcs. Bar is 0.5 um. x42,000.

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We can see the microtubules originating a the spindle poles, which build a central spindle. Later work with nuclear envelope markers has shown that this central spindle is completely surrounded by nuclear envelope until karyokinesis in late telophase.

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  • Species · Dictyostelium discoideum
  • Reference · Moens PB, J Cell Biol 68(1), 1976 · Pubmed · CrossRef
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  • Published by · Zita Santos on 02/03/2011.

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  • Centrosome
    • Nucleous Associated Body
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        Anchored at the nuclear membrane
        At the spindle poles

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  • Extra structures · centromeres - golgi appartus