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FIGURE 2. An interphase nucleus (n) with differentiated nucleoli (no) and an spb at some distance from the nuclear envelope (ne). The diameter of the disk-shaped spb is 260 nm. It is surrounded by some 50-60 dense particles and by numerous microtubules. At this stage, neither chromosomes nor kinetochores are visible as such, but a non-nucleolar dense-staining area is usually found in the part of the nucleus closest to the spb. Fig. 2 a-e is taken from five consecutive sections. Bars are 500 nm. (c) x 26,000; others, x 48,600. note: Fig. 2c gives an overview over the NAB positioning in the cell.

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In the text, the authors say that the NABs have two layers. Today most researchers agree that the core structure consists of three major layers during interphase. The middle layer disappears in prophase, where the two outer layers split apart from each other and constitute the two spindle poles. Today we prefer to call the NAB a centrosome, since it appears to serve all its functions and contains many conserved centrosomal components.

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  • Species · Dictyostelium discoideum
  • Reference · Moens PB, J Cell Biol 68(1), 1976 · Pubmed · CrossRef
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