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Figure 4. Interphase centrosome. (a) Microtubules are originating from the corona (arrow) surrounding the rectangular core of the centrosome. Note the layered composition of the core. (b) Grazing section of the corona, showing the more or less regular arrangement of electron-dense nodules (arrow). Scale bar = 0.5 um.

Figure notes

In another paper (Euteneuer et al. (1998) JCS 111, 405-412) an immuno electron microscopic analysis has suggested that the nodules harbor gamma-tubulin. The so-called fibrous linkage that links the centrosome strongly to the nuclear envelope and the centromere cluster inside the nucleus is not visible in this image.

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  • Species · Dictyostelium discoideum
  • Reference · Ueda M, Schliwa M, Euteneuer U, Mol Biol Cell 10(1), 1999 · Pubmed
  • Submitted by · Ralph Gräf on 07/20/2010.
  • Published by · Zita Santos on 02/03/2011.

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  • Extra structures · centromeres - golgi appartus