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Fig 8 – Ultrastructural features of zoospores in the Rhizophydiales. (D) Longitudinal Section (LS), isolate PL AUS 021 (Boothiomyces macroporosum), of narrow zone of convergence in fibrillar bridge between the kinetosome and non-flagellated centriole. Bar = 0.25 um. Legend: K: kinetosome; NfC: non-flagellated centriole; ZC: zone of convergence.

Figure notes

Kinetosome-associated structure (KAS) is an electron-opaque laminated spur (Sp) adjacent to the kinetosome. It was correlated with the presence of a vesiculated region anterior to the kinetosome. We consider kinetosome as the flagellar base (which includes the basal body and the transition zone).

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  • Species · Boothiomyces macroporosum
  • Reference · Letcher PM, Velez CG, Barrantes ME, Powell MJ, et al., Mycol Res 112(7), 2008 · Pubmed · CrossRef
  • Submitted by · Marc Gouw on 08/05/2011.
  • Published by · Zita Santos on 11/15/2011.

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  • Cilium
    • Motile

    • Immotile

    • Basal body
      • Number of basal bodies

      • Connecting fibers

      • Position relative to each other

      • Maturation stage

      • Position in the cell

        At the cytoplasmic membrane
    • Accessory Centriole
      • Number of Accessory centrioles

      • Position in the cell

        Close to cytoplasmic membrane

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  • Extra structures · zone of convergence